Habitat & Style Marble Top Dining Tables, Marble Tops, collectibles stores


You will be amazed at the collection you will find here … the unusual and interpretive sculptures for indoor o​r outdoor, beautiful outdoor art intended for full sun or the verandah to a broad array of collectables alongside antiques, objets d'art and things that will bring that 'wow' factor to your life. 

We hope to see you soon in Sydney for marble top dining tables, Caviar Avruga, collectibles stores or whatever strikes your fancy

Always something NEW to see


We will be contin​uously adding to the collection … be it new artists, different abstract or interpretive or conventional sculptures along with the unusual and antique, marble top dining tables, Sydney collectibles stores

178 Jersey Road, Woollahra, 2025.
Telephone (02) 9007 5333
marble top dining tables

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